Worst idea ever.

| November 18, 2008 | 0 Comments

Ok, so apparently one of the creators of UFC has been on some heavy hallucinogens. Or maybe he can just be persuaded to put his name on anything. Yes this is arm wrestling… to the MAXX!! apparently its pinfall, knockout, submission, or judges decision. its basically two guys holding hands and fighting as if one was trying to steal the others purse.

How about these cool new sports.
1. Demolition derby where the cars are welded together in pairs.
(id actually watch that now that i think about it… but just because i love welding)

2. Midget volleyball. but with a standard sized net.

3. Sexual sumo, where the idea is to lure the opponent into the circle rather than force them out. Better practice my longing stare.

4. 3 legged extreme racing. you know with obstacles like land mines and broken bottles. ooh and dirty syringes.

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