Top Five Ugliest Fighters in MMA

| June 16, 2008 | 0 Comments

#5 Hong Man Choi

He is only 5th because he is asian and there is a very small difference between an ugly asian and the worlds most beautiful asian man. (most beautiful asian man pictured below for comparison)

#4 Matt Linland

Ugly as hell and not very good. If for some reason I was raped everyday by a fat man with herpes and a giant penis who, on the way out the door took my ID and my credit cards and through an ingenious and untraceable form of fraud ruined my credit and my chance for ever having money of my own… I would still rather be me.

#3 Jason Guida

Danzig with a severe food allergy, ’nuff said.

#2 Wanderlei Silva

Monkey face with so much scar tissue he finishes every fight looking like one of those little debbie cherry pies that has been stepped on. I like him, but he ain’t pretty.

#1 Keith Jardine

More overrated than your mom’s ability to deep throat and ugly even for a bridge troll. At least he will always have work as an extra in the Lord of the Rings films. Fuck Keith Jardine, give back your nickname you don’t deserve to be the earl of pseudo-tough facial hair or arch-duke of goofy knockout faces, let alone the dean of mean.

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