The truth about the beast uncovered via numerical code.

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We here at ghostboner have been working diligently trying to uncover the truth behind all things “evil”. You know like demons, ghouls, goblins (also includes goblins of the hobbing nature otherwise known as “hobgoblins”), amish people, and satan himself.
The christian right have been pulling the amish grown wool over our eyes for years with their 666 theorem of being the nomenclature of evil. why 666 you ponder? It is merely a distraction from the true code to evil, just look at it. The digits alone are curvaceous and pleasing to the wondering eye. Perhaps a perfect distraction from the true code…


Why 49 you ask? its simple. We all know that a good run of luck comes to an end eventually with something bad, something frightening, something “evil”. The square root of 49 being 7, the supposed lucky digit. The very digit that has emptied our pockets as we search for it on slot machines throughout the world. Yes the number we all refer to as lucky has been in cahoots with misfortune all along. An act of deception that some may categorize as evil.

Proposed evidence:
1. During the Manhattan Project, plutonium was also often referred, simply, to as “49”. Number 4 was for the last digit in 94 (atomic number of plutonium) and 9 for the last digit in Pu-239, the weapon-grade fissile isotope used in nuclear bombs. Yes thats correct nuclear weapons require “49” to work.

2: The number of days and nights Siddhartha Gautama spent meditating as a holy man. The founder of Buddhism spent 49 days “meditating” or in an amphetamine induced coma. Tox screenings were unsuccessful at the time. And if i know anything about Buddhists its that they hate our freedom, and they are highly flammable. A perfect match for the beast himself.

3: Rumor has it that 49 is the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. You know the evil bastard child of the wonderful blow pop.

4: “There was ragshag bill from buffalo, I never will forget.
He would roar all day and he’d roar all night and I guess he’s roaring yet. One day he fell in a prospect hole, in a roaring bad design
And in that hole he roared out his soul, in the days of ’49” these are the spoken words of known devil worshipper and professional voiceman Bob Dylan. That sure is a lot of roaring for a “ragshag” man unless he were overtaken by the beast.

In closing please beware the truth. avoid the following on your path to righteousness. The number 49, its accomplice the number 7, anyone named ragshag, amish linens, tootsie-pops, buddhists, flaming buddhists, and of course being hit with a nuclear weapon is bad.

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