The top 5 bad sex moves!

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The Fantastic Voyage.- The fantastic voyage is any sexual contact with the highly regarded rap artist Coolio.

The W2.- This is having sex while doing your taxes. Note that the 1040EZ is a protracted form of the W2.

The Catch 22.- This is a 2 male, 1 female threesome.

The Captain Ahab.- Sex with an extremely large white woman.

The Lizzy Borden.- Sex while murdering your parents.

The Honorable mention list.
The French Dip
The Awful Waffle
The Shepherds Pie
The General Custard
The Pack Mule
The Debaser
The Quantum Theory
The Sleepy Puerto Rican
The Aqualung
The Buffalo Bagpipe
That girl you met at the free clinic who said she was there to get a rash checked out, but you knew better didnt you. I certainly hope you’re happy with yourself now.

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