The Mustache: Friend or Foe?

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“The Stash” is an extremely difficult piece of facial hair to sport well, here are the top five best ever…

5.Hulk Hogan


Iconic ‘stash, he has always had it, which is pretty much a must for this list. Bonus points for it being blonde and technically a fu-manchu which is the only type of mustache tough enough for a man named “Hulk”

4.George Parros

Total badass with the flair and upper lip decor of a Spanish Conquistador. Quetzalcoatl wouldn’t stand a chance against this guys bare knuckle on-ice antics, and a stash that would make a young Ron Jeremy jealous.

3.Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds is either having sex with a model, driving an expensive sports car, or both, at all times. All of the credit for his lifestyle goes to his upper lip resident.

2.Tom Selleck


Now there is some lip fuzz! This man’s stash has the power to command armies, disintegrate hymens, and bring men and women to their knees. This is the mustache that made Ferrari a household name. Tom Selleck’s mustache is the reason you don’t see the mustache that often, it simply sets the bar too high.

1.Sam Elliot

God is jealous of this mustache. There are entire religions based upon this man’s facial hair. If everyone’s father had a mustache with this much authority, there would be no gay people.

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