The Diaz Brothers are Classy Boys

| June 16, 2008 | 0 Comments

This was the scene after KJ Noons’ EliteXC lightweight championship fight last night. The hand that keeps giving the finger near the camera belongs to Nate Diaz. It’s hard to see, but at around the 0:54 mark, that same hand throws a water bottle at Noons’ dad. I bet that goes a long way towards showing mainstream America that this is a legitimate sport for real athletes. Assaulting the elderly is the best way to prove that you’re not a thug. To his credit, Noons’ dad(who’s a retired pro boxer), doesn’t hesitate at all before bum rushing the scrawny punk. The Diaz boys are also probably the only people older than 12 that still give people the finger and mean it. If I want to show someone a little disrespect, I just waggle my penis at them…like a real man.

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