Merry X-mas 2010!

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Prepare thine anus! The Ghost Boner is back! Ok so the Ghost Boner train de-railed a little bit there early on in 2009. But, here at Ghost Boner, we have been receiving a lot of requests to not bring back Ghost Boner, which my ego has interpreted as a widespread typo affecting a large number of people simultaneously. So, without further adieu… we give you the number one gift this season: Ghost Boner 2.0. So tell your friends, “Ghost Boner is back”, “I love Ghost Boner”, “I missed Ghost Boner”, “Ghost Boner sometimes tell’s jokes that are only funny if you understand Search Engine Optimization!” Whatever you tell them make sure that you mention Ghost Boner by name, there are a lot of impostors out there I can tell they are imposters because if they were the real Ghost Boner, they would be at In conclusion, Ghost Boner is back which is bad for your butt and funny.

To catch up we will be posting all the best stories since we’ve been gone.

I feel the need to remind our fan what the point of Ghost Boner is. There is a ton of funny shit on the internets there is also a ton of shitty shit out there too. Ghost Boner seeks to find the stuff that’s worth your time and present it in an efficient and clever way. Additionally, Ghost Boner will provide original stories from time to time, which will hopefully also be worth your precious internet time. We at Ghost Boner understand that your “wasting time on the internet” time is important, and we hope to make more effective use of that time. Furthermore, Ghost Boner has proven to be an excellent resource during conversations, such as, “Did you know there is an entire group of people on the internet obsessed with artistic representations of dinosaurs having sex with cars?” Ghost Boner can provide a quick resource for this and other strange phenomena.

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