Diaz vs. Alvarez

| October 5, 2008 | 0 Comments

During EliteXC’s broadcast on CBS last night they confirmed that the rumored lightweight title bout between Eddie Alvarez and Nickk Diaz is going to take place on November 8th. If you don’t spend all your free time trying to find MMA to watch like I do, then you may have missed Alvarez’s run through the Dream Lightweight Grand Prix earlier this year. He put on a couple of the best fights this year, but had to watch an alternate fight for the title after sustaining a cut during his semifinal victory over Tatsuya Kawajiri. This dude is a legit bad ass, unlike Diaz, who is a loud mouthed hoodrat that likes to pick fights with old men. I don’t know what Diaz did to me, but I harbor a serious grudge. I love to see him lose. I enjoy watching his little brother lose. Alvarez is gonna put a serious beat down on Diaz and I’m gonna love seeing it happen.

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