Chicken: the revelation.

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For years the world was satisfied with regular old chicken. Then came fried chicken. then came chicken fingers. Then came buffalo wings. This snowball effect of chicken evolution has no plans on stopping now. Not with a revolutionary new theory that we here at ghostboner have been hard at work in the lab creating.
The idea came when a spaniard working in the local wendys drive through kept repeating the phrase “spicy chickens” to himself as we were in line waiting on spicy nuggets. I dont know if he was just trying to remember something or perhaps a prophet of chickens sent to hypnotize me with the phrase “spicy chickens” We laughed it off and drove away. But the seed had already been sewn in my subconcious, making me wonder. What if?
What if using the method popular for dying baby chickens purple when still in the egg could be taken a step further. In the a dye is injected before the egg hardens and turns the feathers colors for easter.Why does it have to be dye? there is no long term gain from this. The feathers just fall out and you are left stuck with a large cock… sorry cant resist a good dick joke. What if the chicken were injected with hot sauge, allowing the embryo to feed off of the hot sauce laden supply contained within the egg. Will this chicken be a spicy chicken? Will it be red? We all know it will have a bad attitude. I imagine he would look something like this, and taste delicious.Stay tuned as one day this will be attempted. hopefully here in the ghostboner labratory.

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