Affliction "Postpones" October Event, Dana White Pollutes Shorts With Glee

| September 11, 2008 | 0 Comments

Dana White recently foretold that Affliction would be out of business by January. Looks like he may have been a little conservative in that estimate. Their October show, featuring Andrei Arlovski vs Josh Barnett, was postponed until…well, I guess they didn’t give a new date. The best part of the whole deal is that they didn’t bother to tell Andrei Arlovski. His management found out about it when contacted them for a comment. I’m actually kind of sad about this, but apparently trying to butt heads with the UFC is a pretty terrible idea. I just hope that White softens his “nobody gives a shit about Josh Barnett” stance after Affliction folds for good. I suppose the best news is that this brings us a couple of months closer to the UFC’s next attempt sign Fedor, which will bring Couture vs Fedor that much closer to being a reality.

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